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Job Placement Assistance

     While as a training provider we cannot make any job guarantees, we can however assure you that upon completion of the training program you will be fully qualified to work as a CRA, CRC or CDM with any company in the Biotech or Pharmaceutical industry throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and all other countries that comply with the ICH-GCP regulations for Clinical Trials. 

The following job placement assistance is provided to all students GLOBALLY

Our staff will provide you with professional and caring job placement assistance for as long as you need it...beginning with assistance to transform your resume into a professionally done resume to include your new qualifications using the appropriate industry-specific terminologies. This usually goes a long way towards ensuring that you get noticed by recruiters and employers and eventually landing a job in the industry. 


     For graduates who were referred to our CRA, CRC or CDM certificate program by potential employers/recruiters we will also provide a reference letter to said employer/recruiter on your performance in the training and your employability as a CRA, CRC or CDM. This usually goes a far way to your securing employment in the industry.


     Our Alumni have either found employment with or have been referred from a wide cross-section of hospitals, clinics, CROs, biotech and pharmaceutical companies across North America and globally. With the knowledge and job skills gained as a result of your study, you can help to meet the ever-growing demand for trained CRAs, CRCs or CDMs to develop exciting new therapeutics for the 21st century in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Online CRA, CRC & CDM Clinical Research Courses

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